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Days of Y’Orr Films Presents: The Lockout

They met one fateful summer at Bruins training camp. One a newly drafted player scared and alone in a new town. The other an AHL regular looking to make the big team. From the moment Tyler pulled into TD Garden’s parking lot and saw the forklift carrying Brad’s nose, he knew they’d have something special.

They became fast friends. They did everything together, “except see saw because that just wouldn’t be fair to” Brad. Theywere just two young, crazy guys with not a care in the world. Well, except Shawn Thornton’s threats to shove them up each other’s asses if they woke him up too early one more time.

They won the Cup, partied shirtless and may or may not have double teamed Joe Corvo’s wife. They don’t remember. They just wanted to be together forever.

Then one summer, Mr. Chiarelli offered them both deals to stay in Boston. They were so happy!

But then it happened, and their dreams were shattered…..

And that is where their love story begins

After the jump….. well, some of these pictures might make you blind…..

Their summer was going great. They were finally getting over the sting of their first round defeat to the Capitals and training camp was just around the corner. As much as they enjoyed their lazy summer nights watching movies on the couch, soon they’d be lacing up the skates and going into battle together.

The only dark cloud hanging around was the uncertainly of their contract situations. They always had fun together, but the thought of being seperated ate at them.

Finally, Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli ended their suffering and offered them both deals that they happily accepted, mostly because they knew they’d still be together. They were so excited!

The first thing they did with their fat new contracts was buy a sweet little love nest bachelor pad together in downtown Boston, overlooking the water.

They had it all. But mostly, they had each other.

One night after a romantic friendly bath, they settled down on the couch to watch some TV when the NHL debuted Gary Bettman’s new music video.

Just like that the dream was over. Things only got worse when Tyler told Brad he wanted to play and was leaving for Europe.

They were both heartbroken. Together they felt whole but apart… it was almost too much to bear.

One morning Brad woke up to the sound of Shawn Thornton cursing and muttering something about getting new roommates when Brad he suddenly heard the sound of car doors slamming and high pitched squealing.

Europe was just no fun without Brad and Tyler came running home. It’s just guy love between two guys. And that is the greatest love story of all time.