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Days of Y’Orr presents: Stanley Cup Game of Thrones

The 2012 NHL Playoffs are not just about the quest for the Cup for the Bruins. It is about Defense of the Cup. The Bruins are still the champs unless they get knocked out. 

Teams will come from far and wide to try to dethrone the Bruins. These Bruins don’t run and hide. They grab their sticks and their gloves, put on their game faces and run to the battle field with smiles on their faces.

They are experienced. The defenses have been fortified. They’ve lost soldiers along the way but have developed new weapons. The Playoffs are Coming. And these Bears are hungry.

Boston Bruins – Game of Thrones from Days of Y’Orr on Vimeo.

Also thanks to WhiteNoise Lab for their awesome cover of the Game of Thrones theme.