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Denis Lemieux’s Take on Recent Bruins Injuries, Penalty Non-Calls


The Bruins injury situation is off the rails right now. Let's go down the current list:

Johnny Boychuk
Adam McQuaid
Dougie Hamilton
Loui Eriksson
Chris Kelly

It's gotten so bad that the Bruins are opting for a new pre-game intro song…

Brad Marchand and Kevan Miller got lucky and weren't injured in their respective bad hits.

What's with the bolded names, you ask? Those were injuries that resulted from bad hits or slashes that were obvious penalties. Worse part is, of those five bolded names, only two were called a penalty. Fucking two. Max Pacioretty boarding Boychuk. Neal on Marchand. That's it. Awful.

The anti-fighting crowd can talk about wanting to get rid of enforcers, but if you don't want vigialante justice running around on the ice, you need a better police squad patroling it, and the refs have been abysmal. Every single one of those (with exception of McQuaid and Dougie) should've been at least two minute sin the box, possibly more.

After the jump, DOY GM and Ace Reporter Patrice Purrgeron sits down with Denis Lemieux to explain these awful hits, injuries, and non-calls…

Adam McQuaid

No GIF. Injured himself (shocker) while dishing a hit in the second period against the Leafs a while back and then re-aggravated injury while skating…. yup…

Max Pacioretty on Johnny Boychuk

Patches got hit with a boarding penalty. Sprained back for Destroychuk. He's out 3-7 days.

Brooks Orpik on Loui Eriksson

No call. No word on his status other than he's out.

James "I accidently on purpose hit him" Neal on Brad Marchand

Kneeing call. Marchand got lucky no injury.

Pasquel Dupuis slashes Chris Kelly


No call. Broken ankle for Kelly. He's going to be out for a while.

Carl Gunnarsson on Dougie Hamilton

Weird play, but not a penalty. Claude says Dougie is done for the week and hopefully it's only the week. Probably a twisted or sprained knee.

Dion Phaneuf on Kevan Miller

No call. Miller left the game, but Julien says he should make the west coast trip.

But let's not be too hard on Phaneuf. He did throw the cleanest hit of his career last night, as well.

Get your shit together, NHL Refs.