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Did Montreal troll itself by playing Ference 3:16 theme after fight with Pouliot last spring?

Yesterday’s huge find went to DOY flagbearer & chopbuster Dan Walker. Today’s huge find belongs to Andrew Johnson:

So I was looking back at the videos from the playoff run last year to remind myself how much Montreal sucks, and I noticed something: After Pouliot made his little booboo on Boychuk and Ferrence goes after him, I never noticed this before, but after the fight between them, if you listen very closely, you can hear Stone Cold Steve Austin’s theme song on the P.A.

Ference 3:16 for life. 

The fight.

Theme song to compare.

The fight happened just a few days before Ference’s glove mishap. It’s like Montreal trolled itself in advance. Like we said: Huge find.

For those who are new to DOY and don’t understand the Ference 3:16 story and reference you gotta catch up here and here