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Don Cherry a hypocrite for ripping on Andrew Ference

As we mentioned earlier in the month, Don “Grapes” Cherry ripped Andrew Ference a new asshole for calling Daniel Paille’s hit “bad.”

“You do not, I don’t care if your teammate is an axe murderer, what you’ve got to say to the guy that’s there, you go into the dressing room and you tell him that was a dirty hit … you never go to the press like Ference did and say that was a bad hit.” — Don Cherry on Ference/Paille

Well it turns out when Matt Cooke knocked Savard out with an elbow to the head last year, Bill Guerin criticized Cooke and Grapes had no problem with the idea then. Jump to around 3:30 in the video. 

“And when one of [Cooke’s] own [teammates], Guerin — who’s been in the league for how long — critizes him, you know something’s wrong. And I can’t belive he’s not suspended.” —Don Cherry on Guerin/Cooke

So it’s cool if Guerin does it but not Ference? What’s the difference? Is it ’cause Cooke is a notorious dirty player and Paille’s a first-time offender? Is it because Billy G. is awesome and Andrew Ference spends his weekends recylcing?

Lame. We love ya, but pick a side, Grapes.

We were pointed to this idea by a tweet from Michael Hurley of NESN