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Don Cherry lays the verbal smack down on Geoff Molson

Don Cherry blasts Canadiens owner Geoff Molson
Despite some of his hypocriticalness, we love Don Cherry. Guy’s hilarious and has more hockey stories than a zamboni driver.

Over the weekend he laid some verbal smackdown in regards to the Chara hit, including a ontage of turnbuckle hits over the past two decades, and presented an idea on how to make that area of the ice safer, calls Molson’s/Habs arena’s turnbuckle “a joke” (comparing it to Philly’s superthick turnbuckle padding).

The difference between Montreal and Philly’s turnbuckle padding is insane. Philly basically strapped a crashpad onto it; Montreal has a pillow. Madenning. But Montreal is really all about “safety first.” Bullshit.

Another look at Cherry’s turnbuckle design.

Above from PuckDaddy

Certainly is a step in the right direction.