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Don’t Poke the Bear. BRUINS WIN.

During the first two games of the series, the Canucks were good but the Bruins did more to beat themselves than the Canucks did to beat the Bruins. The Canucks whined and dove and took cheap shots and for some reason the Bruins sat back and tried to play their game and ignore the cowardly Canucks tactics.

Then Aaron Rome, with a single, brutal cheap shot, awoke the Bruins. A late hit that perhaps took Horton out for the series awoke the sleeping bears. The Bruins called out Canucks. The Bruins got rough with the Canucks. And despite all the help from the refs, despite all the protection the Canucks tried to draw from the zebras, they had zero answer for these Bruins.

The Bruins stood up and decided they weren’t going to let the Canucks get away with their cowardly, cheap crap anymore and the Canucks ran scared. They had no answer.

Alex Burrows led the coward train. He kept trying to cheap shot. He kept falling down like he was shot. No pride as a player and no respect for the game. Lucic challenged him and Burrows waited until the refs were there to fight back. Captain Coward.

Kesler tried to smack talk and finally Seidenberg had enough. Kesler backed away and when he finally grew a back bone for two seconds and then fell to the ice… and didn’t throw a punch until he was on top of Seidenberg. Coward. Recchi stuck his fingers in Lapierre’s mouth to challenge him. And Lapierre did nothing. Coward.

Once the Bruins fought back and asserted themselves, the Canucks had no answers. Because they are cowardly pansy little pussies with no respect for the game of hockey and no pride. Even at the end of the game Torres was still trying to take cheap shots.

Despite Vancouver’s cheapshots, despite their cowardly ways, the Bruins scored a touchdown then went for the two point conversion and spiked the shit out of the ball. A team like the Canucks doesn’t deserve the Cup and tonight the Bruins showed what they can do when they stop over thinking and just play.

Burrows. Kesler. Torres. You’re all cowards and you all got exactly what you deserved tonight. You got embarassed. This isn’t us being cocky. This is just us speaking the truth. The Canucks made the Montreal Canadiens look good tonight. How sad is that? Compared to the Canucks, the Montreal Canadiens are the bravest, noble team in Canada.

The refs kicked Thornton out to save Ryan Kesler’s cowardly little life. And even that didn’t help. The list goes on and on. After the game the Sedins did nothing but cry and cry and cry. Look at your own locker room you whiny little bitches. You got all the help in the world and it still wasn’t enough because you bitches don’t know how to handle teams getting rough with you because you’re pansies.

Good job Canucks. In fact, great job. The Bruins handed you two games. Then you got cocky. You threw your cheap shots. You acted like complete fucking cowards. You tried to hide behind the refs. You kept poking the bear. And you know what you accomplished? You awoke the fucking bear. Go cry some more you cowards because the Bruins are coming for you.

After the jump… Thomas is still the man, Aaron Rome sucks and the Bruins break out….

It was about time. Non band wagon fans have maintained that if the Bruins just played their game, they could beat the Canucks. Unfortunately they dug themselves a hole first and unfortunately Nathan Horton had to be removed from the playoffs by a late hit to light the spark. But the Bruins found it. Now here’s to hoping they can maintain it. 

The loss of Horton will be huge. He’s got a severe concussion. He’s got for the playoffs. He has scored some of the biggest goals for the Bruins in years. He’s strong on the puck. He’s fiesty. And now he’s watching from the press box. If he can even do that.

Some of the idiot Canucks are saying the hit wasn’t late. Their coach is saying Rome shouldn’t be suspended. They’re fools. Now the Bruins have to make them pay.

How awesome is Tim Thomas? He knows he screwed up in Game 2. So he came out and kicked some ass. The only goal the Canucks scored, they had to slash Krejci to get him out of position. That is just how the Canucks do things.

So what was the best part of Thomas’ night? The incredible saves? The swagger? His awesome mustache?

Nope. It was Timmy being Timmy and messing up one of those whiny Sedin twins.

Recchi. What can we say about Mark Recchi? Everyone wanted him benched. He might not be the fastest guy anymore. Maybe his hands are not quite what they used to be. But he is a leader.

First, he stuck his fingers in Lapierre’s mouth. Canucks fans are whining about that. They thought it was funny when Lapierre did it to Bergeron. Then Recchi scored two goals, one on the powerplay. Recchi leads by example. He is still a stud.

Then Lucic took off his glove and stuck his fingers near Burrows mouth. The Bruins are better than that, but it was necessary. It was long overdue, but they finally stood up to the Canucks and they couldn’t take it.


Bottom line: The Canucks deserved everything they got tonight. Then they whined and cried and whined and cried. Their game is cowardice and cheapshots. When the Bruins battered them, Vancouver got upset because they couldn’t take it. Torres then tried to cheapshot Boychuk at the end of the game. They don’t deserve a Cup. Hopefully the Bruins take it from them.

This picture says everything you need to know about the Bruins. That Starter jacket they’ve been giving to the best player after every game? It was hanging in Horton’s locker after the game.