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Dougie Hamilton out with a concussion


Per Handsome Ralph this morning (and the reporters at morning skate), Dougie Hamilton is out with a "mild concussion."

Half the internet is up in arms over the use of the world "mild" when it comes to brain injury like it matters in the grand scheme of things. Dougie will be back when he's back and whether a coach or doctor calls the concussion mild, minor, severe, or You-Had-A-Run-In-With-Matt-Cooke, it won't slow or speed up the recovery process, so be like our buddy Cole and chill out.


Not sure what hit/play caused the concussion, but we do wonder if the concussion is what caused this play:

Probably not. Just a young D-man wanting to help his team win…

What sucks is that Douglas just got back from a knee injury, and the Bruins just got Shawn Thornton and Loui Eriksson back. Oof. Just when bodies start coming back, another one bites the dust.

In related, good news, Johnny Boychuk should be in the line-up tonight. Boston's at home, and he was at practice and led the morning stretch session. For those who didn't hear, Boychuk's wife gave birth to twin girls super-early yesterday morning.