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DOY Bag Skate. Like A Mailbag But With More Punishment

Ah summer time. Nothing is happening in Boston right now w/ the black and gold unless you count Matt Bartkowski agreeing to a new contract and announcing a new practice facility as something.

Okay, let me rephrase that. Nothing exciting is happening. So we decided to try our hand at a mailbag of sorts where we will answer reader questions pertaining to the Bruins. If this is a popular enough topic, we’ll run with it every week during the season as well. There’s three ways to get involved in the DOY Bag Skate.

1. Email us. Note: During the offseason we randomly check the DOY email.
2. Send us a message on Facebook. Note: Facebook’s messaging system sucks and no longer informs you if a message is there. 

The absolute best and easiest way to ask us a question is on Twitter. Follow us at on Twitter and ask us a question and use the hashtag #DOYBagSkate. I’m going to look at doing this post every Wednesday, but since we’re debuting this on a Tuesday – this week may be on Thursday. So ask away, we’re ready to answer your questions.