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DOY Fantasy Hockey Is Open


The entire NHL Playoffs.
Fantasy Hockey starting. 

These are the holidays we all look forward to the most. Well, my sexy ninjas, the opening of fantasy hockey is upon us! That's right, Days of Y'Orr is once again going to run some fantasy hockey leagues!

Last year we had 3 leagues of 20 teams each going strong. That's right, there were 48 other people who were willing to put up with Justin, Jon, Pizz and I (since we're in each league) and play the shit out of fantasy hockey. It was fun, it was fair and I kicked so much ass in DOY1. So here's the deal: 

  1. If you're a returning manager in any one of our three leagues, you get first crack at coming back. You will have 6 days from this post to reply and get in. If you don't – oh well. You can also decline ahead of time if you do not wish to come back. 
  2. If you want in, email daysofyorr@gmail.com saying you want in. Slots are first come/first serve. 
  3. Based on how many people we in, we may open a 4th league. 

The only way we will consider you is to email us. Don't reply on Facebook (and also like us if you haven't) and don't tweet to us at Twitter. We're not organized enough to deal with it all, ha. 

We want active people. It makes a league so much better when everyone is playing – even if you're in last (like me in DOY3 :().