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DOY Podcast: Beta Episode

Introducing WDOY, the Days of Y’Orr podcast. Here’s our beta episode, so it’s not perfect. Audio cuts in and out for stretches, there’s some echo since we were sitting near each other, and Pizz’s phone started buzzing part way through messing up the audio in his headset. So we have some issues to hammer out. But beyond that, we don’t think this sucks for a first try.

We figure if the Bruins can work out their preseason kinks, so can we. 

In Beta Episode:

  • Bruins 2-1 loss to the Sens
  • Kampfer’s injury
  • How the Bruins are looking in the preseason
  • Rating Chiarelli’s offseason moves
  • Creepy things we’ve Googled for DOY photoshops
  • Goat Fucking
  • Who should get Recchi’s “A”?
  • KPD Ray Whitney to the Bruins rumors
  • Shanaban — is he being too hard?
  • Drew Doughty signing
  • Looking forward to the DOY Fantasy Leagues
  • More Goat Fucking


You can get the DOY Podcast on iTunes, too, for free.