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DOY Presents: NHL 14’s Live the Life Mode – Juniors Completed

If you haven't been following our "Live the Life" series on Youtube, shame on you. Seriously, you go to the box for two minutes, you feel shame and then you come back out again. If you have no idea what I'm talking about then that is a different animal all together. 

This year in NHL 14, there is a "Live the Life" mode where you take a rookie and choose his path to NHL greatness. You can play a full season in the juniors, the Memorial Cup tournamet or start in the NHL. I decided to go the route of the Memorial Cup because I didn't want to jump right into the NHL nor did I want to play a full juniors season. 

I wanted to prove that my player belonged in the NHL and had to do so by making it and/or winning the Memorial Cup. 

So this weekend, I published episode 3 and episode 3.5, which is the Memorial Cup Final and the NHL Entry Draft. If you haven't caught any of our videos yet, here they are: 

Episode 1: Creating a Legend and "Enforcers vs Goons" Commentary

Episode 2: Finishing The Memorial Cup Round Robin and "What Is DOY Live?" Commentary

Yesterday I posted episode 3 and episode 3.5, so these are basically brand new. 

Episode 3: Memorial Cup Final and "Our Movember Mission" Commentary

Episode 3.5: The NHL Entry Draft
(Please let me know in the comments if this video is blocked for you)


So my OHL career is finished. In 4 games, I had 9 goals, 11 assists for 20 points. That's an unreal 5 points a game, but I'm playing against kids in the juniors. I'm sure things will be different come the NHL preseason. 

For the NHL/AHL, I plan on mashing up videos for the week. So if my player plays 3 games a week, there will be 3 games cut into one video. Like the rest of these, you'll basically see shots/hits/faceoffs/etc. I'm hoping to drop the gloves a little more too and put the Enforcer Engine to work. 

So there you have it. Enjoy the videos and if you're new to our YouTube channel, make sure to subscribe. You'll be able to catch tons of NHL 14 stuff, Days of Y'Orr Live on Wednesday at 8pm EST or any time after that and we'll be doing some Bruins montages in the future. Also if you have any feedback or suggestions for commentary topics, let me know and I'll see what I can do.