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By now you’re all well aware of what the whining, crying Tampa Bay fans did and the resulting wussy move of the Bruins to take down the posters that made fun of Tampa Bay.

Tampa Bay media and fans are trying to turn this into a thing where they were the only ones who would stand up to mighty Boston!

In reality, they were the only fan base that cries enough to do it, and that says a lot when you consider the B’s played Montreal. Seriously. The posters about Philly were way more “offensive” if you can even call it that. In reality, Tampa Bay fans would not have been so upset if they knew what the Bruins were saying wasn’t true.

Then in a lame attempt to get under the B’s skin, they started an “Ole” chant during Game 4. Smooth move to prove you’re not bandwagon fans… by copying a soccer chant from an original six franchise that is just as dumb as you. You are a bandwagon fan base that was just pissed you were being called on it.

While the Bruins might have given in, we as fans do not have to. It is with that sentiment that we are making a call to arms of sorts.

Tonight prior to Game 5, some of the Days of Y’Orr crew will be standing where one of the signs used to be. We’ll be over by the North Station exit that is closet to the Zakim Bridge, standing right in front of the spot where one of the Tampa Bay posters was hanging before the Bruins front office decided it has absolutely no balls.

We’re shooting to get there around 6 and just hang out until the game starts.

We’ll be there with a couple of signs and just hanging out there, our little F you to Tampa and their fans. If you’d like to join us feel free to come on down and bring your own signs and just hang out. Tampa can’t stop us, as much as they think they can.

And if anyone from the Bruins front office is reading this…. grow a spine and either put the signs back up or join us. Take a stand against these pansies from Tampa. Historically Boston has been a city that pushes back when we get pushed. Don’t be like the Bruins in Game 4. Don’t be pushovers. Stand and fight back with us.