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DOY Teaming up with Muze Clothing and the Neely Foundation

We have some great news we’ve been (im)patiently awaiting to talk about.

At the TruFan/CSNNE blog awards, we were introduced to a man named Michael Kalil, one of the fellas over at Muze Clothing:

“Born out of an appreciation and dedication to classic movie lines, Muze is a lifestyle brand where movie quotes and fashion collide to bring you your new favorite shirt. Who doesn’t know someone that speaks in movie lines? Seemingly meaningless utterances to some are timeless classics for others.”

What Muze Clothing also does is partner up with local celebrities and athletes, and design shirts based about that celeb/athlete’s favorite movie quote and gives the proceeds from those shirts to the celeb/athlete’s charity of choice. Current celebs/athletes who have worked with Muze include Josh Beckett, Ray Allen, Jeremy Roenick and Drew Brees. Big names and faces.

Now another Boston legend has joined up.

Michael mentioned that they might be teaming up with the Cam Neely Foundation and the Boston Bruins Foundation and asked if we would be interested in helping to promote the shirts. Helping a charity? A charity run by Cam Neely? And a charity run by the Bruins? Of course we were interested!

So today Days of Y’Orr is happy to announce we have officially partnered up with Muze Clothing to help promote Neely’s shirt of choice. Like we said, the proceeds from the shirt go towards the Neely House Foundation and the Boston Bruins Foundation.

If you’re wondering what the Neely Foundation does:

“The Cam Neely Foundation for Cancer Care was launched in 1995 by the Neely family after the passing of their parents Marlene and Michael Neely from cancer. This experience created the inspiration to help others living with cancer. With the dream of honoring their beloved parents and the hope of helping others, The Cam Neely Foundation was created to help cancer patients and their families during treatments. As millions of Americans will be diagnosed this year with some form of cancer, an understandable sense of urgency propels the Foundation’s mission.”

And what the Boston Bruins Foundation does:

“The Foundation provides grants to organizations that meet the standards of its mission, concentrating on the four areas (athletic, academics, health, community outreach) where it is best able to enrich the community”

It should come as no surprise that Mr. Neely chose a line from Die Hard: “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.”

Buy a Cam Neely T-shirt today to support The Neely House Foundation
So if you want an awesome shirt and help support the Neely  House Foundation and the Boston Bruins Foundation at the same time, click the banners and get one today!