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DOY teams up with Bottom Line Apparel for 2011-2012 season

Lots of stuff brewing backstage at DOY HQ, including another viewing party that we’ll be co-hosting next month. We’re still ironing out details of that, so stay tuned.

What we can announce today is that we’re officially teaming up with our buddy Rob over at Bottom Line Apparel. Readers might remember Rob has the guy who made the “controversial” Montreal 911 t-shirts as well as all the other playoff tees. We also teamed up with Rob and BLA for the “Triple Crown Timmy” t-shirts over the summer.

What this means for DOY? We get to team up with an awesome t-shirt designer and all around nice guy. We’ve loved every moment working with Rob and BLA. We’re like cousins now… or something. Y’know, cousins that make t-shirts together….. ….. ….. It also means you’ll see mini-BLA ads next to the scoreboard since they’re sponsoring the recaps. They’ll look like this (but replace the pink circles with team logos).

What this means for DOY Readers? DOY readers get 10% off their purchases with BLA. All you have to do is type in the promo code DOY. Simple as that.

Rob’s working on a few new Boston Bruins t-shirt designs for the new season but he also just got in a new shipment of Boston Bruins 2011 Champs shirts. Here is what they look like.

Boston Bruins Stanley Cup shirt

They come in Mens, Womens, Adult LS, Kids and Kids LS

Two days. Can’t wait. Go Bruins.