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Draft Day: Let the Game’s Begin

The Boston Bruins have been busy little beavers this past week and a half:

Named Neely President of the Bruins.

Traded Wideman.

Politely told Begin he’s unemployed.

Re-signed Boychuk.

Handed out qualifying offers to “Charman Ultra” Wheeler, Stuart, Sobotka, Paille

And now we’re hearing that the Bruins have talked to Tim Thomas’ agent about looking into a trade, and are allegedly shopping Savard hardcore — to the point that Savvy has said he’d waive his NTC for the right deal in the right city.

Act now while supplies last!

Holy shit!

So much for the “calm before the storm.” If this week is calm then the draft is going to be one big, fuck-off hurricane.

Moving Thomas makes sense. Five mill for a back-up/1B isn’t the most financial sound plan out there, but having two starters in Thomas/Rask is appealing and has it’s benefits. Teams coming up in rumors so far — Flyers (*shudders*), Ottawa and Thrashers. We’re all for shipping Thomas out of Boston for the right price, but we do worry that it’ll hurt Rask’s development. Just look at Price.

Savard, on the other hand, would be mind blowing. The Bruins — who struggled for offense all last year — looking to trade away their playmaker, and on the verge of bringing a scorer in Hallguin (yea, we went there). Some are saying Savvy’s not a “Cam” guy. Wouldn’t surprise us. But we’re unsure how trading a 80-90pt All-Star center improves the team. Did he make a mom joke to Neely? Beat PC in a game of Connect-4? What? Last season wasn’t great for Savvy, but he was injured for half the year. His only big blemish is his “Too-Many-Men” penalty. That would be a pretty cruel punishment for the crime. So, it has to be something else.

But what?

Another theory we’ve heard is that management is just trying to light a fire under Savard’s ass — get him to work harder this offseason and during the season. That’s all well-and-good, but it seems a bit much and a long time to play this game of charades. Also, again, he was injured half the year. Can’t blame any flaw in his play from a lack of work ethic. The guy practically killed himself trying to get back on the roster for the Flyers series. His numbers this past season weren’t bad either — 33pts in 41 games, 17pts on the PP.

Only Cam, PC & Co. know for sure. We’re hoping Savard stays, but we’re not overly confident that it’s going to be the case.

PC promised change and he’s looking to deliver at any cost.

Friday’s going to be one crazy day.