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Eastern Conference Quarter Finals: Game 4 Bruins at Capitals. BOS Leads Series 2-1


BTW, that’s my favorite Capitals logo ever. I’m not sure why they ever got away from that logo or that color scheme. It was different, and thus, was like-able. Now their jerseys and color scheme, much like their hockey team, is just some generic pile of shit. (Almost) every team uses red, white and blue as their colors. I mean, you can just around the NHL and see which team uses red (or a variation of red) as their primary color. Not many people use blue, especially the shade of blue that Washington used. 

The jerseys themselves were nothing special, but you can always redesign a jersey.

I always thought the alternate jerseys were cool though. I have a soft spot for black jerseys. Probably located somewhere around my calf muscle, I’m not too sure yet.

Alright, let’s talk about this game.

Nicklas Backstrom has been suspended for this game and that’s massive for Boston. 

Everyone and anyone with a brain can watch the clip of what happened and realize that Backstrom was wrong…except for Dale Hunter and the Washington Capitals organization. For some reason, whether they truly believed what they wrote or not, the Capitals came out and basically complained about the suspension because Backstrom is their best center. Caps owner Ted Leonsis wrote this one his blog:

“…we need to remain disciplined and remember that the defending Stanley Cup champs will always get the benefit of the doubt…”

That line pisses me off to no end. Basically what Leonsis is saying is that the NHL will always favor the Bruins because they’re the defending Stanley Cup Champions. It’s the typical “the NHL favors the Bruins” argument that the Canucks tried last year in the Finals. It’s no wonder that the Capitals have all the talent in the world but can’t get out of the second round of the playoffs. When you’re built from the top down on an adobe hut made out of shit, it’s always going to collapse when the heat is on.

With Backstrom out, the Bruins have a fantastic chance to put a stranglehold on this series. With Backstrom out, the Capitals lose their third leading scorer of the playoffs (granted, it’s 2 points) and their best play maker on the squad. They also lose a key PP element. It’s win-fucking-win. The only hope is that the Bruins don’t come out thinking that no Backstrom gives them an automatic W because then they’ll be coming home tied at 2.  

It’s 9:30am and I’m already nervous about this game. Welcome to playoff hockey folks!

Remember this motion by Karl Alzner?

Well it looks like the Capitals “tough guy” is now backtracking on what he said: 

“We all know he’s one of the toughest guys in the league. It was more just a lot of guys complaining about calls out there, and there’s nothing we can do about the calls once they’re made…”

aka “please don’t beat the shit out of me Milan”. Alzner must like to think he’s a tough guy, but Lucic had it right. The dude has 2 roughing penalties in the past 3 years. What’s he going to do? Nothing. Go search “Karl Alzner fights” on Youtube. You know what comes up?  

Him getting absolutely manhandled by Steve Downie. STEVE DOWNIE. It’s funny, if you watch the whole video, Alzner never stops chirping either even when he’s in the penalty box. I guess his bark is worse than his bite. I hope Lucic kicks the shit out of him, but he won’t, since Washington called up John Erskine. For those that don’t know, Erskine might be the only person in the NHL who has handled Lucic in a fight. Go search some videos on Youtube, they’re there. 

Here’s the latest tilt from October 2010:


And a tilt from 2008: 

Maybe “handled” is the wrong word, but Erskine has really been the only one to withstand a fight with Lucic. It should be a good battle. 


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