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Eastern Conference Quarter Finals Game 6: Bruins at Capitals. WSH 3-2

Holy fucking shit. I don’t want to be the harbinger of bad news, but today could be the last Bruins game until 2013, should a lockout occur. I mean, it’s a distinct possibility and if that should happen, I don’t know what I would do with myself. It possible that instead of a viewing party, DOY may just host parties to eat ice cream and cry over the 2011 Stanley Cup DVD. 

But now that the Bruins have their backs up against the proverbial wall, they may possible get their heads out of their asses and play with some fucking passion. Yesterday’s game was a disgrace. For most of that game it seemed like the Bruins were skating in cement, something that’s becoming a real problem with the black in gold in the playoffs. 

Let’s be honest, during the playoffs last year, despite winning a Stanley Cup, there were games where Boston looked like they couldn’t give two flying fucks about playing hockey. Maybe yesterday’s loss was something they needed to ignite a fire in their belly. Maybe they took Washington for granted. Whatever it was, it has to end now. 

Today could be the last game for the 2011-2012 season. Today could be the last time that we see guys like Chris Kelly, Greg Campbell and even Tim Thomas is a Bruins jersey. It’s entirely possible. 

Here’s hoping that the Bruins rally the men. Here’s hoping that they play with fire, determination, effort and everything Jack Edwards spews out of his yellow teeth filled mouth. 

The fact that these two teams are playing back-to-back matinee games is fucking bullshit. Why are these two teams playing back-to-back playoff games? 

Because the Washington Wizards are hosting the Charlotte Bobcats on Monday. Yup, that’s right. The two worst teams in the NBA’s Eastern Conference are facing each other, so the 1,000 people in attendance can enjoy a shitty basketball game. Fucking disgraceful. 

Win or go home. 

Win and go home. 

After the jump, we do our potentially last preview of the season…

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