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ECQF Game 3. Bruins at Red Wings.

I feel like I need to rant before every preview. This time it’s not the sack tapping of Milan Lucic that is pissing me off, it is the arrogance of Bruins fans. Okay, let me change that last sentence – it is the arrogance of shitty Bruins fans. I follow a lot of Bruins fans on Twitter and most of them are knowledge, die-hard, fantastic people to talk puck with. Then you have idiots, especially those on the radio yesterday, that believe after one 4-1 win the series is over. These are probably the same dolts who watched Game 1 and were driving to the Zakim to take a sweet black and gold death plunge. The same fucking idiots who thought that Jimmy Howard was going to be the second coming of Tim Thomas and Pavel Datsyuk was going to score 500 goals.

Hello retards, the series isn’t over. It’s not close to being over.

“Ya but Pez tha Red Wings have played theiah best hawkey so fah and the Broons haven’t cause of tha flu so tha series is ovah once tha Broons ah healthy. It’s ovah.”

And to that person I’d like to stab them in the chest and twist the knife so their wound – much like their idiocy – never goes away. One game doesn’t make a series. It didn’t in Game 1 when Detroit outplayed Boston and it didn’t in Game 2 when Boston imposed their will on Detroit.

You want to know something really fucked up?

The Krejci/Lucic/Iginla line has been the Bruins worst line so far on even strength.

Let that sink in for a moment. Now, I’m about to drop some fancy stats on your ass so buckle up. Corsi is an advanced statistic that measure shot attempts. Any shot, whether it it on net, misses the goalie or is blocked is logged for corsi. The Bruins first line corsi for – meaning the number of shot attempts they have – is 46 for two games. That’s not the real shocking part as the Bruins third line corsi for is 64 and the second line is 57.

The shock comes with the first line’s corsi against – which measure the opposing team’s shot attempts while that line is on the ice. The ILK line’s corsi against is 105. 105! They have allowed over 50 shot attempts per game on average. That’s an insane amount.

Credit to stupidstuffjunk on r/BostonBruins

Is there’s quality of competition better? You can argue that, but the Bergeron line arguably faces better players with the Datsyuk line.

Either way – this series is far from over people.

The Bruins are now heading to Detroit where the Red Wings are 18-13-1. Although that’s not a fantastic stat line – it’s still something to keep an eye out for. You know that home cooking shit teams enjoy unless you’re Montreal then it is just home cooking everywhere. Those fucking snakes man. Fuck the Habs.

Okay, I have my toddler at work with me. Unlike Jamie Lannister, I’m done forcing this upon you.


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Projected Lines

Milan Lucic – David Krejci – Jarome Iginla
Brad Marchand – Patrice Bergeron – Reilly Smith
Justin Florek – Carl Soderberg – Loui Eriksson
Shawn Thornton – Greg Campbell – Jordan Caron

Dougie Hamilton – Zdeno Chara
Andrej Meszaros – Johnny Boychuk
Kevan Miller – Torey Krug

Tuukka Rask

Know The Enemy


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