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UPDATE: Ever Wonder What a Pooping Zamboni That Says Tuukka On It Looks Like?

Normally I am not one to call people out on their attire. I basically wear the same combination to work everyday. Bruins hat, Bruins hoodie, jeans. That’s it. None of this tie and collared shirt bullshit. I’m a hoodie snob. Shit, if I could wear them in the summer and not be labled as someone who just crawled out of the resource room, I would. With that saying, I was sitting at home watching NESN’s broadcast of the game when Rene Rancourt walked onto that ice and started belting out the Canadian National Anthem like it was being sung by a choir of angels. All of a sudden, NESN’s cameras cut to Chris Niel and I see the most bizarre and wondrous thing I’ve ever witnessed in my lifetime…

Wait for it…

pooping tuukka
What the fuck is that?! From what I can gather, it’s a pooping zamboni that says ‘Tuukka’ on it. Now, the design is in vain of the old Bruins teams, but I have to know where this came from. If anyone knows this guy, please please please email us. I’ve never seen anything like this before and it’s just too zany for words. ZANY!  

UPDATE TIME: So there’s an actual reason by the shirt. It’s a men’s league team called Tuukka Dump and it’s not a zamboni, it’s a dump truck. Either way, it’s fucking awesome and I hope the team is reading this because I want a jersey. Legit. I don’t care if I have to pay for one. We need one to hang up in DOY HQ. Their team has a fan page on Facebook and they also have a Twitter account, both of which I encourage you to follow. 

Thank you Tuukka Dump.

Thank you so much.


(stick tap to reader David Ford for the heads up)