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F You Kessel. Bruins Lose.

You could kind of feel this one coming. All day all anyone talked about was Kessel’s 14 game goal drought and how he had never scored against the Bruins. Then all the Kaberle to the Bruins talk began. 

Kessel didn’t score a goal. He scored two. Whoops. There were no “thank you Kessel” chants. There was only the sound of bitter defeat.

The Bruins are not riding a three game losing streak and are about to embark on a six game road trip. Next home game isn’t until March 3rd. Trade rumors are swirling. Chances are at least one of the players that left TD Garden ice Tuesday night will not be in a Bruins uniform when they return. 

One has to wonder if the trade rumors affected the Bruins tonight. A couple of guys in the lockerroom have to know they’re on the bubble. Who knows.

Unfortunately we can’t soften the blow with funny funny jokes tonight. Most of the Days of Y’Orr staff was at the Trufan Blog Awards (more on this later) and the rest were at the game. Now we’re celebrating our sweet sweet victory.

Seasons have their ups and downs. The three losses in a row are concerning, but the B’s will rebound.