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Ference 3:16 Returns, Will He Be Suspended?

We first saw Andrew Ference 3:16 during the Stanley Cup run when he had his "glove malfunction" after scoring against the Montreal Canadiens. He also failed to move out of the way when some dumbass Habs player was skating backwards and into Ference's shoulder.

Looks like Ference 3:16 is at again.

In last night's game he prepped to get hit by Mikhail Grabovski in the corner. Grabovski starts to vear off course, fearing to get phyiscal with Alternate Captain Planet. Ference wasn't expecting that and still reach out, connecting with Grabovski's head with an elbow/forearm.  He's got a phone hearing this afternoon for it.


Here's the video:

Clearly a hit to the head. Leafs fans instantly cried foul. Boston fans didn't even realize anything had happened. Habs fans also started whining 'cause they had nothing better to do last night. Some compared it to the Dustin Brown hit earlier this year.

No penalty on that play either. Brown got two games for that one, however.

We'll be surprised if Ference gets a game for this. It's definitely a hit to the head but not all illegal hits to the head are suspension-worthy in the eyes of Shanahan. Ference doesn't go out of his way nearly as much as Brown did and the impact wasn't nearly as violent. If anything we think Ference gets a wristslap of a fine. Plus it's the palyoffs and they tend to let things go a bit more, but we'll see.