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Ference 3:16 strikes again; gives Halpern Captain Planet Stunner

It’s official: Ference has turned heel.

Ference 3:16 is due for a hearing later today for giving the Captain Planet Stunner to some fool.

Apparently, it may or may not be illegal to hold your ground while some dumbass kid skates into you. The guy’s a second-line center and doesn’t know how to skate. No wonder why Montreal lost.

Really, this would be like us walking into a traffic light because we’re checking out some cute girl, get embaressed, and then sue the city. What a joke. 

Ference stood his ground and braced for impact. If you’re seeing a head shot you’re on crack. This isn’t foil fencing. There’s no “right of way” and if there was, we’re pretty sure Ference had he was stationary and whatshisface was moving.

Mike Hurley via NESN:

The only thing you could say about Ference is that he did nothing to avoid contact and he “stuck” his shoulder out — as much as you can stick a shoulder out, really, which is about an inch or two. What was his alternative? Lean away and get barreled over?

Habs fans will make it sound like Ference took out a sledgehammer and two-handed Halpern’s head.

Don’t be sad I kicked your ass, just be glad I didn’t kill you.

Ference 3:16 says he just whooped your ass!