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Finally: Corvo, Pouliot not sucking & starting to fit in

It took a couple of months but it appears that Joe Corvo and Benoit Pouliot are finally fitting in with the Boston Bruins style of play.

Their slow starts shouldn’t be too surprising. The Bruins base of operations is “defense first” and getting used to Claude Julien’s way of playing the game requires some adjustment time and a heavy dose of patience.

Take Pouliot for instance. He came from the “dive first, ask questions later” Habs to blue collar Boston. He was pretty much given the Ference 3:16 salute by Bruins fans (us included) before he even got here, mostly because of this play.

How can we not forget Jack calling Pouliot the biggest disappointment in the history of the NHL?

And then you have Corvo who’s supposed to do what Kaberle couldn’t, be a hockey unicorn for the Bruins and boost the powerplay. For him, he came in with fans know he pleaded guilty to assault (prosecution said Corvo grabbed the woman’s butt) back in 2002/2003. He was also labeled as a puck moving defensemen, all of which get eaten alive in Boston unless their last name is either Bourque or Orr. Just ask Kaberle and Wideman.

Yet, things seem to be starting to change for those two.

After the jump… Pouliot and Corvo’s rise to redemption…

October — 0 goals, 0 assists, -4
November — 3 goals, 1 assist, +6
December — 4 goals*, 1 assist, +7

* Three goals in last three games. He’s a late bloomer.

Last time Poo Poo Pouliot was a minus in a game was November 23rd against the Sabres. Bruins are also 7-0 when Pouliot scores but that’s more a fluff stat than anything else. His numbers are looking better and he seems to be more comfortable in the Bruins defense-first system. Hell, even Jack Edwards seems to like the guy.

From “biggest dissapointment” to “Merry Christmas!” What a turnaround.

October — 0 goals, 3 assts, -4
November — 0 goals, 7 assists, +12
Decemver — 2 goals, 4 assists, +5

Bruins are 9-2 when Corvo notches a point. The two losses came in October and we all remember how bad that month was. Or maybe not… depending on how much you had to drink to get through the days.

The numbers might still seem low still but it’s showing definite improvement. Corvo’s making better defensive plays and Pouliot doesn’t look like he’s just learned how to tie his skates. Also, keep in mind, these aren’t the Bruins star players. Pouliot is on the third line and Corvo is a second/third D pairing. They’re depth players who are starting to pick it up and add to the Bruins deep lines.

Of course, this could all change in January and we might be right back cursing the deals. But for now it’s working great for Boston. Hopefully it keeps up.

Go Bruins.