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Fire on the Oil Rig. BRUINS WIN!

I would like to thank the fine country of Canada for the three straight wins they've given the Proviston Bruins. You can always bank on a Canadian road trip to make a young and/or inexperienced lineup look better than they are. I guess the Bruins lucked out with facing both Calgary and Edmonton at what could be their worst so far this season. 

I mentioned that the Oilers lack goaltending and defense and boy did they show it last night. With Ilya Bryzgalov hurt, the Oilers turned to Devan Dubnyk and he failed them, miserably. If the Oilers had an average goaltender and one legit defenseman, they'd be dangerous. Their forwards are really good offensively, but their back end is a large gaping hole (hey, aren't all of ours?) 

Also, the ice in Edmonton plays really fast, if that makes sense. Maybe it's because in the summer, Edmonton has highs of about -9C so when the winter rolls around sneezes freeze. Imagine that ice in Boston? Holy shit it would be glorious, but no, instead the Bruins play on a big fucking slush puppy when they make the playoffs. 

Consider this a quicker than usual recap because as long as we leave cab fare no one generally complains. 

– Chad Johnson got the start in net because: 

1. Tuukka Rask became Puukka/Fluukka Rask.
2. They were playing the Oilers who play hockey like they fell into a bag of smashed dickholes. 

A lot of us shit all over the Johnson signing, but he's quietly done what a backup should do – win the easy games. Did he give up a few goals? Yeah. Was one a softie? Yeah but he's a backup goaltender. You throw him out against the shit teams and hope he comes away with a win and he's been doing that. Johnson has a GAA under 2 (1.98) and a save percentage of .928. This is what you want in a backup. So far, so good. 

– I haven't witness Milan Lucic this mad in a fight in what feels like forever. This was probably the best hockey fight I've watched this year. 

– Brad Marchand woke up last night. Guy has been underperforming for sure and of course I said something about it on Twitter so low and behold – Marchand scores. This is how these things happen. I call out a player, people tell me to STFU, player scores, people say "OMG SEE PEZ U IDIOT!" 

Hey, I'll take it. 

Also, dat feed from Bergeron. Also, Jordan Eberle – way to have the controller turn off bro. 

– Iginla scored. Twice. The sportsgasm heard throughout the North Shore was disgusting. 

Goal #1: 


It's good to see that a one-timer from the slot finally went in for Jarome. I feel like he's good for about 2-3 of these shots a game and for some reason they aren't falling. 

Goal #2 was an empty net goal. 

– This gif

– Anal 

– I mean these are nice goals, but shit not when it is against you. 

Dat wrap. Woof. 

– Seidenberg gets a puck to the dome. I'm glad the puck was able to hit Seidenberg in the head before Seidenberg was able to board the puck from behind. That's how it goes right? Am I doing this right? 

– Who do we have to capture and ransom to get the world to just run on the Eastern Standard Time? 

– I fucking hate west coast games and tomorrow night's start time is about as west coast as you can get. 

– Number two wasn't a question.