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First image of Boston Bruins Stanley Cup engraving

This picture has been touring the Internets. Sadly we have no idea who to give credit too since everyone’s RT their friends who RTing it and not the original source. Sorry whoever it is! But thanks for spreading the love. If anyone does know, let us know. We know Bish tweeted a different angle this morning.

Edit: Apparently Lucic’s gf tweeted the image? Who the hell is stalking Looch’s gf on twitter and why?

But here’s the first image of the Boston Bruins names engraved on the Stanley Cup. 


Few things we’re enjoying/amused/intrigued by:

  • The first half the list is front office management people. Don’t even get to a player name until half way down. 
  • Bergy went with Patrice Bergeron-Clearly. An interesting call but we approve.
  • What? Colin Campbell didn’t get his name on the Cup? But everyone was telling us how he’s the reason Boston won it all!
  • No Kampfer. Sorry BAMpFer lovers. Maybe this year.
  • Nice to see Savard on there.
  • No “Tim Thomas is God”? We thought that was his full name. (Edit: OK, now it’s fixed).

Go Bruins!