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Five reasons to love Marty Turco

Marty Turco Boston bruins

By the look of a lot of Bruins fans’ reaction, most people were expecting the Bruins would recall Khudobin or Hutchinson from Providence to replace Tuukka Rask. Instead, we got the surprise signing of Marty Turco. People don’t seem pleased. Or maybe they were just shocked that Marty Turco was still playing hockey somewhere. But when Khudobin’s injured and Hutch is green as a grasshopper, alternative options weren’t really there. I, personally, was hoping for the return of England’s greatest netminder Byron Dafoe.

If nothing else, this Rask injury is just ending the Tuukka/Thomas playoff debate early.

But now that the initial Turco-signing surprise has faded, Bruins fans should be stoked to have Mr. Turc Turcoton on the squad. The guy’s guy class, humor and more.

After the jump, five reasons for Bruins fans to love Marty Turco:

He’s fan driven
One  thing we really hate is the lack of fan relations from the Boston Bruins. Yea, the Bs have “fan relation” people but their fan relation program is pretty lacking. Luckily, when Turco’s not giving Timmy a breather or sharpening his skates, he can be interacting with the fans and making bets with Habs fans.

Turco Rules!

He’s not afraid to play a little dirty against Vancouver
Someone buy Turco a Bruins World Order t-shirt because he was trolling/cheapshotting Vancouver before Brad “The Predator” Marchand. 

To be fair, the Canucks also ran him into the boards once. Wonder if there was outrage to get Darcy Hordichuck suspended for life like with Lucic. Probably not.

Turco doesn’t shy away from the physical side of hockey either, unlike some goalies.

Like everyone else, Turco hates Pierre McGuire
Video says it all, really.

Turco troll Pierre McGuire
He’s not afraid to speak his mind
Chicago sucks. Turco knew this right away.

He’s a prankster
Man… imagine the trouble Turco and Marchand could get into together.

Props to Steph and her blog It’s a Neutral Zone Trap for reminding us of Turco’s fun side.

Go Bruins!