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Four games in, Shawn Thornton still looking for a fight

Shawn Thornton’s been itching for a fight the last few games. You might not be able to tell if you’re watching NESN or Versus but if you’re at the game you’re seeing him chirp and shove behind the play (or a guy as they’re walking into their bench), hoping to bamboozle someone into a fight to help energize his team.

So far no luck. Opposing teams have been too smart to take on the mighty Shawn Thor(nton).

You also might remember a certain incident last spring when Thornton fell and took a skate to the forehead and needed about a thousand stitches. As he was leaving the ice someone on the Blackhawks bench chirped him. Twos said he thinks he knows who it is but wouldn’t name names.

Bruins and the Blackhawks face each other on Saturday.

Seems like a match made in heaven to us. Do it, Twos.

Maybe whoever chirped him will man up. Probably not though. It’s Chicago after all. Whoever did it will probably send that little shitstain Carcillo to drop the gloves for them (if at all).

Carcillo bear 
This isn’t 17th century France. There’s no seconds to take your place when you pussy out. Bring it, Chicago.

Bonus: Some great Thornton chirping against the Flyers opening night.

“Who the fuck are you? Hey, enjoy your five games kid you’ll be back in the minors before you know it.”


Also, fuck you Blackhawks Downlow. Suck it.