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From kissing the Cup to blowing kisses, Marchand showing his softer side

The Pest. Little Ball of Hate. That Cheapshotting Motherfucker. The Boston Bruins known as Brad Marchand goes by many monikers and known for his edgy play on the ice.

But through all the hate, the clippings, and trashtalk is a very gentle soul. A warm, loving and caring soul just waiting to be unleashed to the world. And we've already seen it several times over the past few seasons. Take Vancouver, for instance. Several times Marchand was showing love.

Here we see Brado telling Canucks fans and players that he loves the (wedding) rings.

Or this incident where Marchand is pretending to kiss a baby.

It seems like a weird way of kissing a baby, but maybe that's how they do things in Nova Scotia.

He loves to let people know how attractive he thinks they are.

There was also, of course, whatever commercial this was from in which he wanted everyone to know that he thinks you're pretty cute…

And he's done it multiple times!

And during the Cup parade, Marchand even professed his love for Tuukka Rask.


Then last night we saw Marchand's loving side shine once more. Called for high sticking near the end of the period we can only assume some respectable NY Ranger fan told Marchand he's "number one" or "a piece of sugar honey iced tea" or whatever else they say in NYC. And to show his appreciation of this New York love, Marchand returned the affection with some blown kisses.

Marchand. Lover not a hater.