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From pompadour to mullet — Adam McQuaid’s hair just rocks

Cuts for a Cause brought in $40,000 for the Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center. Awesome.

After all was said and done Adam McQuaid wins best hair still. He shows up with a pompador…

Adam McQuaid pompador
…and leaves with a mullet.

Suck it, Kane.

We’re hoping McQuaid rocks the mullet for the entire post-season.

Surprsingly, the mullet wasn’t the only haircut McQuaid was considering.

After the jump… the man haircuts of Adam McQuaid… and a bonus Brad Marchand pic

We did this with Lucicstache, so why not McQuaid-hair?

The Mohawk

The Carrot Top

The Whoopie Goldberg

The Justin Bieber aka the Tom Brady

The Randy Watson & Sexual Chocolate

The Soul Glo

The Princess Leia


And lastly…

The Cousin Itt

Bonus: Marchand rocks a Nazi haircut for at least a few moments