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Gallery: Free Cross-Check to the Face Day

backstrom cross-check to the face peverly
Thanks to Ovie and Backstrom’s hits, yesterday we talked about how cross-checking someone in the face is a sign of affection down in Washington D.C. To help build bridges with our Captial friends we asked Bruins fans to send in picks of them cross-checking people (and animals) in the face.

You delivered.

Up first, Catie cross-checking her cat Duncan in the face. No cats were injured on the play and we’re pretty sure Duncan enacted some sweet revenge later on anyways. Cats are evil. Just ask Purrgeron.

cross-check to the face
The intensity in Catie’s face shows you how much she loves her cat.

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Rachel’s kids work out their differences with polite discussion and discourse. They then give the Washington symbol of friendship with cross-checks to the face.

cross-check to the face
cross-check to the face
crosscheck to the face
Ain’t brotherly love grand?

Apaprently cross-checking cats in the face is fun. It’s also a really dumb move because once you fall asleep… BOOM. Anyways, here’s @ggooglyboogly cross-checking his cat Optimus Prime in the face.

cross check face
We imagine cross-checking a cat named Optimus Prime is probably a bad idea on a few levels. But it’s what they do in Washington, so….

Here’s flag bearer and fellow chop buster Dan cross-checking his bunny Stanley in the face.

cross-check bunny face
Dan looks like he really loves Stanely.

Next up is a picture from Lisa. She gets bonus points for drawing blood. Tasty, tomato blood.

cross check to the face
And lastly we have a pic from Emily D.  cross-checking her brother with a broom.

face cross check
That’s love.