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Game 9 Preview: Habs vs. Bruins

These games need no tire pumping from us. 

Both teams are stuggling. Habs are 2-5-2, finally ending a six game losing streak. Boston’s 3-5-0. 

Montreal is all about half-ass mode this season. Team’s looking like shit on the ice; they want to shake up the team, so they fire their assistant coach that most people probably never heard of ’till he got canned. Unreal. And, of course, Boston’s doing their usual “show up for one period and see how it goes” strategy.

All that means nothing when Montreal’s in town, though. Game’s intensity level instantly leap to playoff mode.

Dr. Recchi’s in town to give the Bruins a second opinion on the new lines. Also, rumor has it he’s going to check out Pacioretty’s baby wrists while he’s around.

Speaking of Patches, guy gets a severe concussion is watching the movies two days later. Guy rips his wrist ligaments apart and score two goals on wrist shots. We still stand by our theory. Patches is Weapon X.

Habs fans actually get pissed that we compare Patches to Wolverine. Fucking Wolverine is the best thing to ever come out of Canada. They should be stoked. Helluvalot better than Guardian from Alpha Flight.

Two chants should get going tonight: 9-1-1 (always a classic) and “Nine-ty three” (suggested but our buddy Cornelius), since we can finally throw that bullshit back into Habs fan faces. Enjoy it. Embrace it. Share it.

Don’t forget to download and print out the “Somebody Call 9-1-1” sign if you’re going to the game.

We go down memory lane after the jump…



Habs turtle

marchand finger


Radio: 98.5 The Sports Hub


Projected Roster (per yesterday’s practice):


Tim Thomas
Tuukka Rask

Chiarelli says he’s surprised Tuukka hasn’t gotten more starts in the first eight games, but expects that to change. Nonetheless, with several days off we expect Julien to go with the now rested Thomas.

Be interesting to see if Julien goes with the rookie Caron or let Pouliot exact some revenge on his former employers.

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