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Game Day: Bruins back in Filthadelphia

Boston Bruins vs. Philadelphia Flyers
No time to fret about yesterday’s egg. Boston’s got another game tonight against the Filthadelphia Flyers. And, luckily for Boston, today’s game’s a night event and not a matinee, so the chances of the Bruins winning just went up 10 fold.

It would be nice to see the Bruins win a game after a big, emotional one. They’ll have no choice in the playoffs unless they all want to work on their golf swing early.

Philly’s first in the East, eight points up on Boston and 5-1-4 in last 10. Bruins are like 3-4-3 or something.

Carolina lost yesterday so a Bruins win would clinch a playoff spot for Boston. Hoping the Bs can get that done now, so they can worry more about getting guys like Hnidy some ice time in case shit goes down in the playoffs.

Umm…. what else?

Oh, still hate the Flyers.

DOY buddy Guido made this one
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Carcillo still sucks.

We got in contact with our “Flyer’s rep” to ask a few questions but this is all we could come up with to say.

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