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Game Day: Bruins vs. Habs — Preseason

Tonight we all get our first look at Tyler Seguin in an NHL-level game and Nathan Horton in a Bruins uniform. And it happens to be against the Canadiens. Win.

Sadly, the game isn’t being televised on local TV. Instead, NESN is defaulting to airing the Red Sox lose another game. *Vomit* File under fail. Most of the Sox pinkhats have bailed on the Sox weeks ago and are on drunk on Seguin hype. The ratings couldn’t be much worse at this point.

Game possibly might be streamed via this site. Who knows though. Thanks to Sarah Connors of SomethingsBruin for the tidbit. (apologies for spelling Sarah’s name without an h the first time)

Should be interesting to see read how Seguin fairs in the Bell Centre tonight. Tough crowd. Tough building. Bruins coaches have no qualm about throwing Seguin in the deep end. What better way to see his mettle, right?

“That’s a way to find out whether he’s in or not. (joking) I know you’re comparing the Montreal Bell Centre to Rochester and it’s a totally different situation, but yes there is something to be said about…playing in those situations and understanding what it does for you as an individual.

Anybody who’s played at the Bell Center or any of those rinks for the first time, they’ll tell you they get shivers going on the ice and stuff like that, so there is a special feeling in some of those rinks and that’s maybe something we’ll look at when we decide on our roster. 

We’ll weigh that in.” –Claude Julien, BostonBruins.com

Of course, we’re also interested to see how guys like Caron, Sauve and Spooner do. They impressed enough during rookie camp and bigboy camp to not be cut yet. Gotta wonder how Wheeler and his CCM skates are feeling.

Also, let’s not forget about Horton. Guy should be revved up and tonight will give him his first taste of the Bs-Habs rivalry.

Tonight’s game mean’s nothing, but doesn’t make it any less exciting.

Tonight’s roster:


Defense (not in their pairs): Matt Bartkowski, Andrew Bodnarchuk,
Johnny Boychuk, Matt Hunwick,
Adam McQuaid, Dennis Seidenberg

Goalies: Tuukka Rask, Nolan Schaefer

Lots of new faces on tonight’s squad, minus nine (mostly on D).

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Time to go!