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Game Day: Bruins vs. Red Wings: Round 2, FIGHT!

Game 56: Boston Bruins vs. Detroit Red Wings, 2/13/11

…Or not fight as the case may be with Detroit.

No use beating around the bush, Bruins sucked a lot of donkey ass the other night. Horrible game. No life in them.

We don’t think it was a matter of heart, as it was earlier in the game; we think they were just running on complete fumes from the Canadiens game before that. In the last four games, the Bruins have had multiple fights in half of them. Weds. slugfest emptied the tank

Julien’s calling this game a “bounce back” game. We couldn’t agree more. Bruins need to regroup and regain focus and have a strong outing tonight. Also, the Habs beat the Leafs last night so they’re one point behind the Bruins. A win would keep them at bay. 

In reality, we feed bad that the Bruins have to spend their weekend in such a shithole town that is Detroit. Nothing good has come out of that city since Motown. And regardless of what Eminem says, Detroit isn’t alive. It’s America’s Zombieland. It’s not quite dead, but definitely isn’t alive. Let’s just doubletap the city and be done with it. Not like anyone in the place would flinch at the sound of gunshots.

OK… that was mean…

Nightmare from Helm Street:

Also, those accents. I can be a very judgmental person but when someone doesn’t have a very firm grasp on how the English language is setup, where F-bombs are used in place of any and all punctuation as well as adjectives, I can’t even begin to think of taking them seriously.

First off, he/she (we didn’t look at the name) can go fuck off and fuck his shitty fucking city, the fucker. He probably watched Boondock Saints once.

One could make the argument that Bostonians are speaking proper American English since there’s written evidence that the colonists sounded like modern Bostonians. So in reality, we’re speaking correctly and the rest of the country has an accent. Fuckers. No idea what fucking Nightmare on fucking Helm Street is fucking talking about.

After the jump… rosters, links and videos…

Projected Roster [Updated]:

Milan Lucic-David Krejci-Nathan Horton
Brad Marchand-Patrice Bergeron-Mark Recchi
Blake Wheeler-Tyler Seguin-Michael Ryder
Jordan Caron-Gregory Campbell-Shawn Thornton

Zdeno Chara-Johnny Boychuk
Dennis Seidenberg-Adam McQuaid
Andrew Ference-Mark Stuart

Tim Thomas 
Tuukka Rask

We’d be surprised if Seguin gets scratched three games in a row. We’d like to see him back out there, though we’re not sure who’d he replace. Either Hamill or Caron we’d imagine.

[Update: Hamill and Kampfer are scratched. Seguin and Stuart are back in. We’ve updated the above roster to what we think lines will be, but we’re just guessing at this point.]

Game Day Links:

Game Day Video:

Time to Go!