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Game Day Preview: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

We’re focusing on Buffalo for the sake of this preview, don’t worry, we got stuff on Montreal in the works.

‘Tis a bittersweet day in the Days of Y’Orr office.  Naturally we loves us some Buffalo Sabres games, those magical games where our twitters and emails runneth over with insults and hate mail spewing from the fingertips of Sabres fans.  Almost all 100% stupid and totally uncalled for and unprovoked.

Ok…maybe not TOTALLY unprovoked…
Sadly, barring a playoff match up, this is the final meeting of these two teams this season.  While it’ll be nice not drowning in the Katrina-level monsoon of tears that typically follows a Sabres game (win or lose), we’d be lying if we said that we aren’t a little choked up about it.

With that in mind, we’re going to do something a little different with this preview.  After the jump, we are taking a look back at just a few of our favorite Buffalo Sabres photoshops this year.  For the sake of space we excluded the photos sent to us for the Tougher Than Kaleta post, but there is some good stuff there, so check it out if you haven’t.

 First, we need to set the proper mood.  This post will be best read with this playing in the background:

To start, we recognize that we have been mean in the past, which is why we sent Buffalo our super sinicere apology where were even apologized for things beyond our control.  Once again, we’re sorry Kaleta sucks so much. We’re sorry he is one of the league’s biggest pansies. We’re sorry he was ever born.

Speaking of apologies…Kaleta should probably send one to PETA for all those innocent goats he’s violated.

Also PETA… Days of Y’Orr regrets any cruelty to actual buffalo we have promoted.

We do need to give credit where credit is due though, one thing Buffalo is good at is coming up with totally original and creative sayings like “Welcome to Pominville”.  Get it?? Because it’s the players name AND sounds like a town!

They also have some productive extra curricular activities outside of hockey, for example, Miller is a singer/songwriter

Buffalo’s culture is so widespread that it’s even been a category on Wheel of Fortune.

These aren’t just our opinions, we’ve found others that enjoy ripping on Buffalo, even those who are supposed to be impartial

Ahhh, we’ve had some good times, it always feels good to reminisce.  Buffalo, you may suck hard, but thanks for the memories and you will be missed!

Projected Roster:

Milan Lucic-David Krejci-Nathan Horton
Brad Marchand-Patrice Bergeron-Rich Peverley
Mark Recchi-Chris Kelly-Michael Ryder
Daniel Paille-Gregory Campbell-Shawn Thornton

Zdeno Chara-Johnny Boychuk
Tomas Kaberle-Dennis Seidenberg
Matt Bartkowski-Adam McQuaid

Tim Thomas
Tuukka Rask

Lookie! Lookie! Chara is in the line up.  You may notice that something looks a little off…well reports are that the second line, which has been so great for us, has been broken up.  Guess with the top line producing, Julien feels like he can try switching some stuff up.  Note that this isn’t the official line up, nothing has been confirmed yet, so it’s possible Seguin could be playing, with someone else as a scratch.

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