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Game Day Preview: Bruins vs. Leafs.

Tick Tock Tick Tock, time is winding down on the regular season, just six more games to go until sweet, sweet Stanley Cup Playoffs.  Tonight’s game marks their final against Toronto, and second to last Northeast Division game of the season (if Ottawa still counts as a hockey team).

It’s becoming increasing difficult to find relevant material for these preview as the season comes to a close.  Bruins have claimed their playoff spot and a win tonight will clinch the Northeast Division.  Out of the six games remaining, only one (NYR) are currently in a playoff position, although technically Toronto has an outside shot.

Hey there we go! Just how good are Toronto’s chances of making a playoff push?  Well after the jump, we’ll take a look.  If you want the short version though…

Toronto has got 5 games left including tonight. We’re going to take a look at each one and see if they can possibly take any points away:

Boston: Despite the Leaf’s record against the Bruins being better than we all would like, with the level of play Boston has had, it’s hard to see the Leafs coming out with a win. Plus, I can just never justify betting on the Leafs to beat Boston….ever. Points: 0.

Ottawa: Toronto has a winning record against the Sens, so does the Special Olympic Hockey Team. Points: 2.

Washington: Hahahaha. Sorry Toronto, we may hate the Capitals at here at DOY, but you haven’t beaten them all season, we don’t see you guys starting now. Points: 0

New Jersey: Poor Poor Devils and there 73 points. I was originally going to give Toronto two points, but then I remember that Zach Parise will probably be back by then. All is not lost though, we’ll compromise and I’ll give the Leafs an overtime loss Points: 1

Canadiens: Ouch, rough game to end the season on Ottawa. I’d like to say you have a chance, but your 1-4 record against them puts up a compelling argument to the contrary. The only x-factor is if the Habs keep up their current pattern of sucking hard (more so than the usually do). Points: 0

And there you have it. Combined with their 80 points, that makes 83.  Even all of these predictions end up being wrong, Toronto still needs to win at least 4 out our the 5 games and Buffalo/Rangers can’t win one.

Projected Roster: Nathan Horton-David Krejci-Milan Lucic
Brad Marchand-Patrice Bergeron-Mark Recchi
Rich Peverley-Chris Kelly-Tyler Seguin
Michael Ryder-Greg Campbell-Dan Paille

Zdeno Chara-Johnny Boychuk
Dennis Seidenberg-Tomas Kaberle
Andrew Ference-Adam McQuaid

Tim Thomas
Tuukka Rask

Nothing surprising here. Thomas did get a shut out last game, but they probably want to rest him a bit before the playoffs.  There is a chance that Thornton may sit out, nothing has been announced yet though.

Update: Thornton’s out; not medically cleared. Also looks more like Thomas will start since he was first off ice. Thought Tuukka would’ve gone.

Game Day Links: 

Game Day Video:

Doing things a little differently, this is video of the Leaf’s playoff push to some emo Five for Fighting song.  Looks more like a eulogy than an inspirational video, which would be much more appropriate.