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Game Day Preview: Canadiens at Bruins, Game 2

Ahh, Time To Go, we love you despite almost never hearing you at the damn games.  Guess Shipping Up to Boston is just easier to remember.

Now that everyone has had a little time to relax and chill the hell out, Bruins & Habs head back to the Garden to stress everyone (above and below the border) out again for Game 2.  Back in our last preview, we mentioned that the a big key for the Bruins would be to stay discipline, and they did…for the most part.  What we failed to mention is that for the Bs to win, they also needed to score.  Well lets fix that right now.


After the jump, Chara is thirsty.

Been hearing a lot of talk say saying that Boston knows what it needs to do to beat Montreal this game, for the sake of our collective mental health, they better be right.  Even still, you have to imagine that the Bruins did everything in their power mentally and physically to make sure they are ready to perform their highest possible level tonight

Wait…what??? Granted I’m not a professional athlete, but how the hell do you get dehydrated on a day off??

Well yes, that’s one way.  Thankfully it appears that he’s going to be playing tonight.

Really nothing to say that hasn’t been said already.  The Bruins need to come in to tonight’s game more polished than they did they other night.  Thankfully, there seems to be more of an air of confidence around the Bruins today.  Krejci told NESN.com yesterday “We have to win. And we will win”.  Definitely a bold statement, but it’s nice to see talk like that coming from the team.

 Puck drop is mere hours away, see you at the Garden!  Lets Go Bruins!