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Game Day Preview: Canucks vs. Bruins, Game 4 Stanley Cup Finals

Huge game tonight. Understatement of the year.

Going back to Vancouver 2-2 is a big difference than going back there down 3-1. Bruins have a chance to tie this series up and really grab hold of momentum.

We’d love to see the Bruins score a quick goal. Get into LOLongo’s head early.

Timmy’s already in Alain Vaginault’s head. He’s probably in Henrik’s head, too, after that monster of a check in front of his net.

Lots of crying coming from Vancouver today. Lots of excuses. Good. Make excuses.

Some Canuck tool called the Bruins bullies. Grow a pair. This is the Stanely Cup Finals, not the playground sandbox. CKNW radio host this morning described Vancouver as ballet dancers on the ice. We personally want to watch hockey, not Disney on Ice. That’s just us.

It’s not going to be easy though. No Horton is huge but provides a focal point for the Bruins. A rallying point around a fallen comrade.

Tonight we’ll get to see the Bruins bust some ass on the ice.

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We’ll be outside the Garden again tonight with signs and handing out fliers. Should be there from like 5:30-7:30. Swing by, grab one of the fliers before they’re gone (only printing 50), hang out with us, heckle us (or Vancouver) or take your picture with us.

Days of Y'Orr RallyThanks to Steve for sending this in. Also, shout out to his buddy Rum.
Vancouver Province also can’t get enough of us. After calling us unoriginal they came by to take our pic.

Jon Days of Y'Orr
Jon looks pretty disgusted. Also 95% sure Robb is doing something inappropriate to the Vancouver chick.

Projected Line-Up:

No flipin’ clue. Julien isn’t revealing line-up prior to the game and Krejci isn’t telling who he’s playing with either.

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Game Day Video

You’ll never unsee this again.

Time to Go!