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Game Preview: Sens vs. Bruins — Fan Appreciation Day

Boston Bruins vs. Ottawa Senators Game 81
Last home game of the regular season. Fan Appreciation Day.

Here’s what the Bruins have in store:

Immediately following the Bruins/Senators game, Bruins players will remain on the ice and throw t-shirts into the stands, then hand 23 fans that were chosen throughout the game the “Shirt off their Backs”. Each of these lucky Bruins fans will receive a sealed envelope containing the name of a current Bruins player they will meet that afternoon. After the t-shirt toss these fans will participate in the on-ice ceremony where they will meet and take home the game-worn autographed jersey of that player.

In addition to winning the “Shirts off their Backs,” Bruins fans will enjoy an exciting day of giveaways. Upon arrival, every fan will receive a Bruins team poster courtesy of TD Bank. Throughout the game, Bruins fans will have the opportunity to win a variety of prizes including VIP ticket packages, lunch with Rene Rancourt and a trip to the 2011 NHL awards in Las Vegas with flights on AirTran.

Since we sit way up in the last row of 306, we figure there’s a zero chance that we’ll get a t-shirt thrown to us. Maybe we’ll get lucky and Chara will start slapshotting them into the crowd. We do have our eyes focused on the lunch with Rene Rancourt though.

Rancourt. The original fistpump. 

Suck it, Jersey Shore.

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Today is the last game ’till the fall for Ottawa.
All you need to know about the Senators and their future:

We kinda feel bad for Senators fans, like our Bloguin brethren The6thSens. It must suck to know your team has no legit chance at the playoffs for at least the next three years. Demoralizing.

What the6thSens are saying:

Are we allowed to call ourselves Sens fans and rationale in the same breath? Things will be different next year for these kids, everyone knows the piss and vinegar you enter a new job with fades after a while and next thing you know you’re marrying country singers to keep the spice in your life. I really think this is like one of those ‘I have a drug addiction so put me and my family on TV” shows where the junkie realizes they have hit rock bottom and know they’re the only ones who can dig themselves out of the hole.

Not entirely sure what that means, but, yeah, we’ll roll with it. But hey, he did deal the Bruins Chris Kelley so maybe he’s not retarded after all…

Also stolen from 6thSens site:

Fuck you, Michigan!

Projected Roster:

No f-ing clue. 

Game Day Links:

Game Day Video:
Not hockey related but still awesome.

Time to Go!