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Game Preview: Winnipeg Jets at Boston Bruins


Ah, it feels good writing a game preview again. Here's the fucking problem with this game: 

1. It's against Winnipeg and Winnipeg has the most insufferable bunch of fans this side of Montreal
2. It's a fucking matinee game. 

The Winnipeg Jets are coming off of a 4-1 loss to the Ottawa Senators and looked pathetic while doing it. It should be expected, I guess, because when a team signs a goalie like Ondrej Pavelec $19.5M for 5 years to play goal. ONDREJ-FUCKING-PAVELEC! You're going to give a guy a hair under $4M a year for a GAA a hair under 3 (2.91) and a SV% a hair over .900 (.901?) 

Is this a joke? Is this fucking circus land where shit doesn't make sense anymore? Does Winnipeg own some money tree that just sprouts $100 yellow bills or whatever the fuck they use up there for currency? I mean Jesus Christ, That makes Lucic's $6M a year look like a hometown discount. If we use Winnipeg math, Lucic would own half of Eastern Europe and some stock in the Asian Market. 

It just boggles the mind why they would look at a guy like Pavelec to shore up the most important position in the game of hockey…and then pay him that amount of money to be horrible at it! 

Just look at the Pavelec contract as a microcosm of everything wrong with the Jets. For some reason their fans believe they will make the playoffs, which leads me into my first point when I kicked off this preview. I loath the Winnipeg Jet fan like I loath the Montreal Canadien fan. 

Yes, you lost an NHL franchise and yes you have one back, but have you seen the talent on the ice? Outside of Evander Kane, you have no one of worth that isn't overweight. I don't see how you could look at this roster and think to yourself "Oh, there's a playoff team". Take the blue colored aviators off and look at this like a person who enjoys hockey. Their roster is shitsauce. The Jets will have an easier time getting consecutive blowjobs from Manti Te'o's girlfriend them they do making the NHL playoffs in 2013. 

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And it pissed me off when people start blowing the Winnipeg fans, calling them the 12th man or whatever the fuck they are. Knock it off. 

I'm sorry for kicking these truths at you like Bruce Lee in Enter the Dragon, but it needs to be done. You're Atlanta, a team that was moved because they were terrible and no one went to games. Enjoy these 47 games left because that's all you're getting this year. When Ottawa takes you to task, you have some things to work on.

This of course means that the Bruins are going to lose and all those fucking idiots are going to come here and be like "SEE WE WON, FUCK YOU PEZ" or some mitten-stringer who uses Seguin's last name on Twitter other than hers will be like "OMG PEZ, CHRIS BORQUE LOL" because its a matinee game. 

My worry is that the Bruins will play down to their opponent and look like a squirt team out there. You know what I'm talking about Bruins fans because we've seen it year after year. They're Cinderella when the game is at 7 and they're a fucking scrub cleaning lady when the game is at 1. I don't get it one bit. 

The hope is that they can come off of Saturday's ass kicking of "the best team in the Eastern Conference" and carry it into Monday's game. It'll be tough because the Bruins then have to head to New York for a rematch against the Rangers and it would be easy to overlook these blue and white sacks of shit.  

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Projected Lines

Milan Lucic – David Krejci – Nathan Horton
Tyler Seguin – Patrice Bergeron – Brad Marchand
Rich Peverley – Chris Kelly – Chris Bourque
Shawn Thornton – Greg Campbell – Dan Paille

Zdeno Chara – Johnny Boychuk
Dennis Seidenberg – Dougie Hamilton
Andrew Ference – Adam McQuaid

Tuukka Rask
Anton Khudobin

The Enemy


Game Day Picture/Video

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