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Game Recap: Ugh

Boston Bruins lost…. again.

Bruins couldn’t get out of their own way last night. Penalty after penalty after penalty. That’s tradition when Boston goes visits Montreal but it was especially horrid last night. Some of the calls were bullshit, but not all. Bs let Subban get under their skin way too easily last night. They’re getting called for every post-whistle push, shove and fart at this point.

In short: Bs gotta play smarter hockey.

They didn’t practice today. Instead they watched videos. Can only hope they bought cases of Emetrol before hand ’cause that’s the only what we need to take to not vomit while watching the Bruins play this month. Horrible.

We were intriged to see Thomas in net during the final minute just so he could skate back to the bench. Couldn’t tell if it was to delay the game a bit longer and give the Bruins a few extra seconds of rest or ’cause Thomas is the faster skater. This is what we picture when Thomas tring to skate fast.

All in all this is our feeling about everything right now.