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Game Started at 1, Not 3. Bruins Lose.

Totally saw this one coming.

Rangers and Bruins never score more than 0.6 goals total when they play each other. Usually these defensive games are still fun to watch. Except when the B’s don’t show up at all. Boston was coming off a huge win against Montreal. Every other time they’ve won that big this season they crap out next game. It was a matinee game. B’s ain’t so hot at those this year either. Henrik Lundqvist has been on fire lately.

So yeah. B’s didn’t show up until five minutes were left. Before the game we were even joking that we knew the B’s effort would be down and this would be a 1-0 game. Guess we’re psychic.

Montreal lost to the Capitals so it doesn’t even matter. We’re not surprised about today’s loss. We’re slightly disappointed though.

Keeping momentum and keeping energy after big wins has been a huge problem for the B’s this season. They seem emotionally drained and disengaged after big wins. Like we said, today’s effort was predictable. That is probably why we’re not mad at all. We expected it.

Rask was great. Offense sucked. Lots of shots directly into Lundqvist’s chest or Ranger skates. Tyler Seguin was a beast again. Decent chance B’s meet Rangers in playoffs. 1-0 games for seven games. 

We’d give this a real recap but it would be all tumble weeds. B’s didn’t show up. Philly tomorrow. Another big game. Bruins likely won’t catch Philly for first in the East but B’s need to send messages to the top teams in the East regardless. Plus Philly sucks.

Plus we’re bummed about the Savard news. Not unexpected, but still sucks. Best of luck to Savard and his family. Hockey isn’t even important in the discussion on Savard right now. Perspective. 

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