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Get your anti-Flyers Thumbs Down t-shirts

From the creators of the Habs 911 t-shirt presents:

We’ll see how long this one lasts before the NHL shits its pants again.

Though there’s a better chance this shirt survives the series. Philidelphia has a bit better sense of humor than Montreal, but we’re pretty sure a corpse has a better sense of humor than the Habs organization.

Same deal as before. Swing by the Bottom Line Appearal store and order one of these shirts for $15. In the “Add special instructions” line type in YORR. We do get a little piece of the profts, so help fill our “Bloggers that want to move out of their mom’s basement” fund by giving us credit.

Rob says he’ll have the shirts by Tuesday so pre-orders should arrive by Weds by noon for those going to Game 3 in Boston.

Click here to order.