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GIF: Brad Marchand Literally Undresses LA King’s on SHG


First off, we know there's a spelling mistake in the above graphic. Second of all:

Third of all:

Ok, onto Marchand. After a Polar Vortex start to the season and some impatient fans wanting to ship his ass to Siberia for a bag of pucks and some used condoms, Brad Marchand has been on a tear for Boston. He's beena  big reason why the Bs are finally coming out of their slump, too.

Yesterday against the LA Kings, Marchand registered his league leading fourth short-handed goal of the season. Beast.

Jeff Carter's controller ran out of batteries on this play.

And thanks to John (@CamFan81) we get a closer look at exactly what Marchand did.

We haven't seen so many people throw their pants off for Marchand since the Summer of the Cup.

Meanwhile, Mike Fisher doesn't feel so bad anymore.

West Coast Defense at its finest.