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GIF/VIDEO: Watch Russia Sucker Sweden into Potential Gold Medal Suspensions

Team Russia is full of poor sports. We saw this after their empty net goal where the scorer taunted the US bench, and then the Russian trainer did this.

We're assuming he's telling them to suck a dick, because eating a very large sub doesn't seem like an insult to us. Then again, it's Russia, so who knows…

And at the end of the Swededn-Russian game, we saw Russia's true colors come out again. They lost 2-1 to the Swedes, and then proceeded to take their frustration out and start shit with some sucker punches. The Swedes reacted, including one player who was in the penalty box and started throwing haymakers at the end. Here's video from the crowd:

We haven't seen a fight like this since the Russo-Swedish War of 1788.

Here's a link to TSN's video from their live coverage if you want a better look at the action.

Long story short, this could be bad for Sweden. The guys by the boards at the start of it might get off easy, but kinda hard to imagine Patterson will be seeing the gold medal game in uniform after flying out of the penalty box to throw haymakers. GIFs compliments of our buddy Pete.

Also, we thought banning fighting was supposed to stop fighting? Oh well…