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Giguere Parties Like It’s 2003. BRUINS LOSE.


Well. That was ugly. Giguere played his balls off. B's looked like a team that played four days in a row instead of a team that had four days off. Whatever. Roy has his team playing ridiculous. B's are still awesome.

Bad Giguere. NO!

– Congrats to DOY staff member Justin on his engagement to long time kidnap victim Kate! 

– Boychuk hits are awesome. He doesn't know his own strength.

Every time Boychuk lands a hit, another poor child ends up fatherless….

– Rask was great again. The one goal Colorado scored on him he really had no shot at. He gave the B's a shot in the first period when Colorado was flyiiiiiiiing everywhere. Too bad his teammates didn't care.

– This isn't a positive for the Bruins, but it's nice to see a good franchise like Colorado finally heading in the right direction. We think they're still a few years and couple good d-men away from real contention, and may not be quite as good as their record indicates, but look at the difference a new coach with passion and some confidence can make. Roy has his boys playing hard. Sure, still real early in the season. But the attitude around that team seems to have changed instantly as soon as Roy got behind the bench. Confidence can certainly boost average to good teams to greater heights.

– Seeing Iginla get a lot of shit, but hey he's on a new team. New system. It'll take a little time. And he's shooting EVERYWHERE. How much did we bitch last year about the Bruins not shooting enough? Iginla's shooting so much we thought he might be auditioning for an old school Western movie.

– Lil Dougie looks like he's been playing with A LOT more confidence through the first three games of the season. Still making some mistakes, but who doesn't? Other than Bergeron. We're loving what we're seeing from the kid.

– Shawn Thornton. Always and forever.

– It's only three games into the season so we won't complain too much but Krejci looks like he's in his fine regular season form. We will say, however, that he's really improving his face-off skills. That wasn't even sarcasm. It's so hard to tell with us, isn't it?

– Patrick Roy didn't try to break anything 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦

– That MacKinnon kid is good. Like, really good. Sucks for you 29 NHL teams.

– The Bruins seemingly century long weakness against TEAM SPEED!!! How, how, how, how, HOW do they NEVER work on this?!?!?!? Instead they just always trade their fastest skaters. Colorado ran wild on them because the B's don't really have anyone who can keep up with fast teams. Maybe if we're really good this year Santa will bring the Bruins some team speed. Or at least make management FINALLY fix the issue.

And by fix the issue we think they'll probably acquire someone like Hal Gill. Because the B's like doing the opposite of getting team speed.

– Landeskog. Look, we agree. If we were a guy like Landeskog there's no way we're fighting Lucic. But you're the team captain. You're supposed to represent the guys sitting on your bench. Don't put a guy like Lucic in a headlock if you don't intend to answer for it. It can't be a great feeling for your team to see their captain get COMPLETELY punked by an opposing player and do absolutely nothing. That doesn't seem like the type of thing Mr. Roy will put up with long term.

– And we kind of agree that maybe that wasn't the best time for Lucic to do what he did, but the ten minute misconduct for pushing a guy seemed a bit extreme. We're just hoping the refs only did it because Lucic might have legit murdered someone.

– This recap. Jon has been busy with work and awesome Greg was all like "Dudes I'll do the recap!" And Jon was all like "it's okay sexy, I got it." Then work molested Jon and the recap ended up kind of crappy. Or as Jon is claiming, he did the recap with the same amount of effort with which the Bruins played last night.

– Bruins power play overall. That 4-3 was just brutal. Iginla is still the only guy that will even sniff the front of the net.

– F you posts! Boychuk and Iginla each thought they had one. Giguere probably just messed with them anyway and pretended to miss so the B's didn't feel bad.

– A lot of things. But hey, like we said, only third game of the season.

– So hypothetically, if both Giguere and Varlamov get injured during a game, is Patrick Roy allowed to suit up and go nuts in goal?

– Did Justin get arrested with his proposed to Kate with a dagger? 

– Did Kate only say yes because she thought she was being asked at knife point?

– Where are Pizz's pants?!