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Grindin Gears: I Need My Bruins Fix Edition

Sometimes I wonder what goes through the mind of the NHL schedule makers. The last game the Bruins played was Saturday night against the Sharks (though it could be argued that the last TRUE time the Bruins played a game was last week against the Leafs) and we’ve had to wait five days for the puck to drop for the black and gold. I don’t get how these schedule makers actually make a schedule. The season isn’t a month old yet and two teams have played double digit games already (Vancouver has played 10, Pittsburgh has played 11) while most teams are hanging around the 7-9 range of games played. I’m not saying that there’s a large disparity in the number of games played because clearly there isn’t, I’m just a little peeved that I have to wait five days in between hockey games. I like my puck just like everyone else who fancies this blog does, but five days is a little ridiculous, dontcha think?

Maybe it’s a good thing that the B’s have five days off though. I’m sure none of them are balls deep in some porn star nobody has heard about until last week, but I’m sure that they have been working hard at practice because by the looks of it, they need it. Looking at the standings in the Northeast Division is like having a horrible case of vertigo. Never would I (and lets be honest, none of you either) have thought that the Toronto Maple Leafs would be leading the division…ever. They were (maybe still are) destined to be a bottom dweller in the division, but they have some young talent so you never know. What surprised me the most is seeing Ottawa above both Boston and Montreal.

Lets play the honest game for a minute. This is where we state things that we would never fully state unless under the guise of the honest game. I never would have thought that the Montreal Canadiens would be last in the EAST, let alone the Northeast Division (Well, technically after their 5-1 win over Philadelphia [Adams Division Fantasy Update: Really, Bryz? You fucker] they’re second to last because although Atlantipeg changed uniforms and location in the offseason, you can’t change shitty talent). So Montreal is 14th in the East and guess who is in that 13th spot? Our defending Stanley Cup Champion Boston Bruins! That’s right, the defending Stanley Cup Champions, the best team of the 2010-2011 season are in 13th place in the Eastern Conference and a loss tonight to Montreal would make them 14th.

Sad isn’t it?

But don’t worry guys; you can still relive last season by purchasing your official Jostens Boston Bruins 2010-2011 fan ring, which will only cost you $299! Nothing says being a true fan like buying a personalized $300 ring.

Actually, it could be entirely feasible that the Bruins wake up tomorrow morning in last place in the East. I know it’s still October, but when did you ever envision this team at the bottom of the Eastern Conference at any point this season? Let’s be real, you didn’t. If Atlantipeg somehow beats Philadelphia tonight [Adams Division Fantasy Update: Really, Bryz? You fucker] and the Bruins lose, hello basement. I, however, don’t believe that Boston will lose tonight, despite all of this loser talk.

I just hope that the Bruins took these past five days to work on two major things: The offense and the power play. They’ve been the Bruins achilles heel so far in this young season. I ranted and raved about both last week in my Grindin Gears: Don’t Tell Me To Relax Edition post, so I’m not going to do it here. We all know what’s wrong with the Bruins, but there’s nothing we can do about it. Slowly Milan Lucic is showing us that Whocic is being hung up in the closet. Who would’ve known that Chris Kelly, yeah the same Chris Kelly everyone shit on when he came to Boston because they somehow expected him to be a 30 goal scorer and not the third line center he was brought in to be, would’ve been the difference.

I hope the Bruins play like it’s the last five minutes against San Jose. I hope the Bruins play like it is last Thursday night against the Maple Leafs. I hope the Bruins play, period. Already we’ve seen games where they’re disjointed and coasting, but division games have much more weight behind them then games against Colorado.

So lets go boys, fire it up tonight. In the words of the immortal Jack Edwards:


After the jump, some random thoughts:

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– Days of Y’Orr Fantasy Hockey update:

  • In DOY League 1 (known on Twitter and Facebook as #DOY1), I’m (Tyutin in the Staal) currently in first in the Triple Crown Timmy Division, but it’s a tough fucking division. Out of 20 teams, our division has #3 overall (yours truly), #5 overall with The Bourque Identity (@BillyBruin77) and #6 overall with North Kariya (@Warrior3728). Not to mention, I’m currently battling with Sackied Lunches (@belesiyou). Peverley Hills Cop is right behind them, but they’re the Montreal of our division. (@gahdengremilins). I’m also ahead of Justin, Jon and Pizz in the standings, so suck it.
  • In DOY League 2 (known on Twitter and Facebook as #DOY2) I’m (Rum Hamhuis [thank you It’s Always Sunny for the name inspiration]) in 7th overall and 3rd in the Whalers Memorial Division. I don’t really know the people in my division. DOY2 isn’t as talkative as DOY1. We may need to change that. Justin is currently in first in that league, as well as the Commissioner, so it’s a fucking fix. Kid’s like Vince McMahon. I’m still ahead of Pizz (12th) and Jon (13th), so once again:

– Justin’s game preview is fucking awesome. It’s our best Canadiens photoshops of the 2010-2011 season. If pictures are worth a thousand words then Justin wrote the second coming of War and Peace. I recommend all Bruins fans to take a look at it.