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Grindin Gears: Let’s All Take A Deep Breath Edition

Jesus fucking Christ. You would’ve thought that the the 15 game point streak never happened. Once the Bruins lost a game, people started coming out of the woodwork screaming about firing Claude Julien, trading Tuukka Rask and juggling the lines. This isn’t shit I’m making up people, this is real life talk. People actually want to fire the head coach after a 15 game point streak because the team lost two games. Look, I like to give the Boston sports fan credit and believe that they are one of the most informed fan bases in the country. Well, let me rephrase that: Bruins fans are one of the most informed fan bases in the country. Last night the Bruins lost a game 2-0 to the second place Florida Panthers.

That’s right, second place.

Oh, I mean in the East.


Yeah the Florida Panthers are a viable hockey team this year. They went out and spent some money on guys like Kris Versteeg and Brian Campbell and they’re paying dividends. Crazy how actually applying some money in a sport can make you a contender. It also helps them that Washington can’t remove their heads from their collective butthole.

So what happens when you play a good team? You have a chance of losing. If you believe the Bruins would carry a 68 game point streak than you’re an idiot. There’s absolutely no way that a team can sustain that high level of play for an elongated period of time and not have an adverse effect. You don’t think that run in 2008-2009, where the Bruins boombashed their way through the East, hurt them come the playoffs? Of course it did. The Bruins were obviously going to stumble.

Breaking news: Teams lose.

So the Bruins lose a game in Winnipeg and now they’ve lost a game against Florida. A two. game. LOSING STREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAK. Sweet Jesus people, I think it’s time to fire Rask and trade Claude…I mean trade Rask and fire Claude! He benched Seguin for being late! He didn’t juggle the lines! He loses 85% of his body head on a daily basis through his bald head! And so on. And so forth!

Take a Xanax and chill the fuck out.

I’m about to blow your mind here: It’s okay for a team to play well and lose. Did the Bruins play well yesterday? That’s debatable on what your idea of “well” is. If “well” is your idea of flawless hockey than most teams aren’t going to play well most nights. Were they good enough to win a game? Yeah. They’ve put about 80 shots on net the past two games, the puck just isn’t hitting the twine. That’s normal for teams. Teams go through stretches where they can’t score. It’ll happen people.

I think winning the Stanley Cup and then this (virtually) unbeaten November has really softened people up. Calling for Julien to be fired? Yikes.

This isn’t going to be one of my 1,000 word rants because im too sick and too tired to give anyone the business. Just know that if you’re looking for the coach to be fired after losing two games, you need to turn your jersey in and pay attention to another sport.