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Grindin’ Gears: Stanley Cup Edition

It’s been a good ride man. I came to Days of Y’Orr in January and immediately hit the ground running with “Grindin’ Gears”, a way to get my unorganized rants about the NHL, and more specifically the Bruins, out to the masses. People enjoyed them. I never tried to make it more than what it was – a way for me to scream like a maniac about everything you’re thinking (or even saying on things like Twitter). So this is the last one for the season and how fitting is it that I’m not even going to rant at all. What the fuck am I going to say? I’m mad they won the Stanley Cup?

Yeah right. Yeah right!

I’ll never be able to put the season into such eloquent words like Jon did on Friday. If you want a true breakdown of the 2010-2011 Boston Bruins season, read that. I can’t say whether you’ll cry or not, but you may want some tissues in the vicinity just in case.

It still feels like it’s Wednesday night. I can still feel the elation rushing through my body as though my blood was taken away and joy was pumped through my veins intervieniously. I remember the chants at the bar. The “Let’s Go Bruins” chants. The “We Want The Cup” chants. The “M-V-P” chants when Tim Thomas came into view. I remember the count down when the clock struck 10 seconds.

9 seconds. I can’t believe this is happening.

8 seconds. Tears are starting to well up in the eyes of those around me.

7 seconds. This is really happening.

6 seconds. The Boston Bruins

5 seconds. are going to be

4 seconds. Stanley Cup Champions.

3 seconds. Can you believe it?

2 seconds. Screaming. Crying. Hugging. Elation.

1 second.

…and boom.

Suddenly a wave of emotion runs through the crowd. Everything a Bruins fan had to withstand was finally over. All the misery and embarrassment was finally washed away. Everything that has happened since 1972, trading away Bobby Orr and Phil Esposito, the years of Harry Sinden not making moves, Cam Neely’s knee injury, watching Ray Bourque lift a Stanley Cup in colors that were not black and gold, over paying Martin LaPointe, Glenn Wesley missing high, Jeremy Jacobs’ cap mismanagement the year after the lockout ended, the years in the basement, losing to the Canadiens when up 3-1, “the collapse”, Norm Leveille’s awful injury, Steve Shields, the blockbuster signings of Alexi Zhamnov, Brad Ibister and Dave Scatchard and anything else (I know) I forgot.

When the NBC clock hit zero and black hockey gloves went flying through the air, none of what I mentioned above meant anything anymore. The Bruins were Stanley Cup Champions again and the sport of hockey was once again relevant in Boston. Move over Celtics, Red Sox and Patriots because this playoff run proved that Boston is once again a hockey town.

It’s amazing to see people where jersey, t-shirts and hats with the 8-spoked B on it. A few years ago you’d have an easier time digging up dinosaur bones in Boston Common then seeing someone wearing Bruins apparel, but not anymore.  It’s all Bruins, it’s all amazing and it’s all good baby!

So I want everyone to enjoy this victory because it could very well be another 39 years (not 40 like some people have been saying) before it happens again. This decade has made the Boston sports fan spoiled. Seven championships in ten years. It’s unprecedented these days, given the parody and salary caps in most sports. We may never see a Stanley Cup again, so drink it in. Enjoy the pictures. Follow the Cup around like you’re a junkie hunting down some the last piece of crack on Earth.

Enjoy this Stanley Cup victory everyone, recharge your batteries and get ready because come October it will be time for the Bruins to defend their title as Champions.

– Random Thoughts –

– Before I go, I want to thank every Days of Y’Orr reader out there. Every one that follows Justin, Jon, Robb and I on Twitter. Every one that has liked us on Facebook. Every one that has e-mailed us throughout the season. From stories, to hate mail, to photoshops, to “thank yous” it’s been an amazing ride. Like I mentioned at the beginning of this piece, I’ve been part of DOY since January and the moment I stepped on to this scene, I knew we had something special. What I didn’t know was that the “special” component was our readers. You guys are amazing. The viewing party in February where our bud Dan Walker bought shots, amazing. Standing outside the TD Garden and taking pictures, ripping on Vancouver fans and high fiving people who have said “I love Days of Y’Orr”, incredible.

So thank you. Thank you for coming here everyday and making us a small part of your lives. Whether it’s every day, every week or every month you come here, you’re all great. Stick around this summer, we have some good stuff planned.